Mission Team

Mission Team

Summer!  Picnics!  Popsicles! Swim Parties!  Ice Cream!  Fireworks! Vacation!  Do thoughts of these things make you smile and look forward to celebrating summer?  We also have many things to celebrate this summer as we look forward to the youth mission trip and hearing their stories of impacting lives through their service.  They always return faith-filled and encouraged for the difference they were able to make.  Watch for updates!  Pray for them while they are gone June 24-30th.  Thanks to the continued success of donations of used clothing by you and the community to the St. Pauly shed, we were able to help sponsor the youth trip with $1500.00, all from the shed proceeds this past year.  Thank you!  CELEBRATE!

We are also celebrating the amazing trip Alexa Eisenbrown just had to Ghana where she served for a month, impacting many lives for years to come.   If you weren’t able to hear her speak and see her amazing pictures during worship on June 10th, please see Alexa for highlights.  Because of your continued support of missions through giving to the Mission Fund, we were able to help sponsor Alexa’s trip.  Thank you!  CELEBRATE!

Perhaps you were able to attend the Trades of Hope fundraiser party that Kim Mencke promoted through Missions.  The stories Kim shared of women and families in extreme situations here and around the world informed us, moved us, and caused us to be grateful to be able to help support them through purchases of beautiful artisan-made products.  Proceeds from this fund-raiser will be in the form of Trades of Hope jewelry and other items which will in turn be for sale at the fall Mission Auction.  Buy once. Give Twice.  If you were unable to attend and would like to support these women around the world, orders can still be placed before July 1st.    You may view the beautiful handmade accessories at www.mytradesofhope.com/kimberlymencke.

Orders should be placed at http://www.mytradesofhope.com/parties/86728  by July 1st.  Changing lives.  Giving hope.  Thank you!  CELEBRATE!

Since the CHIME will not be published again until August, we want to take this opportunity to remind and invite you to keep the 16th Annual YUMC MISSION AUCTION on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2018, in mind as you celebrate summer.  Perhaps you will see that “just right” item while on vacation!  When you do, bring it in for display on the shelf in the hallway by the York Community Hall so that others will be encouraged and reminded to gift something, too.   With your help, we are hoping to bring hope to others, as this year’s Mission Auction will benefit the YUMC FOOD PANTRY, helping to sponsor a CBN Well wherever the need is greatest, and two UMCOR PROJECTS, for Storm Relief for families in the USA, and for International  Storm Relief.   We are CELEBRATING the recent generous gift of TWO OHIO STATE vs. MICHIGAN football tickets for the November 24th game between these two rivals!  Thank you Gary & Liz Barth!  CELEBRATE how a football game can help feed someone!

There are forms on the credenza in the sanctuary hallway to request gifts from businesses.  Could you help us by signing one or more out and taking them to a business you frequent and ask for an auction donation?  We will advertise their gift in our auction promotions, and these gifts make a big difference in the success of our auction each year.  Thank you!  We will CELEBRATE as each gift comes in!  We are CELEBRATING all of God’s gifts of summer ~  and His gifts to others through Missions ~ and you!